Wedding in Croatia, Rovinj

So much emotions, smiles and sunshine…. Thank you, Geri and Jonas, for the sincere laughter and for the experience to share with you your wedding day on this sunny island!

The adventure began with a journey. We decided to go by car to beautiful Croatia. We didn’t foreseen the 3-hour traffic jams on the Serbia’ s borders. But despite that then we were not happy to wait, may be this waiting helped us to avoid much bigger troubles. Later we’ve been told that a colleague videographer had all his equipment confiscated on his way back to Bulgaria by the Serbian border police – together with the video cards inside the cameras!!! We were happy to have waited couple of hours instead of having such troubles, but the next time we will take the plane for sure! 🙂

After exiting Serbia the happy part began.  The road in Croatia is amazing – especially in the final part in the mountains, when we were approaching the sea – to drive on that road was almost mystic, meditative experience.

When we finally arrived in Rovinj we had 3 full days to enjoy it. On the first day we scouted the location and took pictures of the unique atmosphere there. On the second day we captured the emotions of the wedding day. And on the third day we took a walk and took more beautiful shots of Gery and Jonas in this charming place.



Wedding in Rovinj, Croatia

Wedding Photography: Gogo & Eva

Organisation: Wedding in Croatia


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