Newborn Photography

I’m happy to be among those lucky people, that can afford to do what they love! I adore kids and I love photography. Combining both brings me true joy and inspiration 🙂

I apply an individual approach with every client in order to achieve unique pictures, that are of real value for you. For me it is important to capture precious moments and the unique presence of you newborn using a carefully selected set of props. I’m not looking for shooting a certain number of pictures with lots of gaudy decorations around the baby. My goal is to capture some tender, natural pictures, with simple compositions, so that the focus lies on the baby’s unique presence and not on a bunch of glaring decorations around.

To achieve this I use an individual approach towards each baby by sparing all the time needed to make beautiful pictures and I don’t take more than one commitment in one day. I use tender, natural light, soft and pastel colours, natural materials and carefully selected and hand made props. For the comfort of the baby and the parents I make the photo-session in the house of the clients, where we have all the time necessary for the baby to calm, to be feeded and in good mood for the pictures. The advantage for you is that you don’t have to take outside the little baby, to prepare lots of luggages, to go and wait in some photo-studio together with lots of strangers. In order to achieve calm and nice atmosphere during the session only the parents are present. The babies are in their best mood for photo-sessions until the 14-th day after the birth – they are calm and sleepy during most of the time. Therefore you need to call me earlier to arrange an approximate date and the other details for the photo-session.

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