Frequently asked questions

For how long have you been shooting professionally and how have you started? For how long have you been a wedding photographer?

Gogo has done his studies in the Faculty of Fine Arts in the Veliko Turnovo University, wherefrom he has graduated with a major in “Graphics”. After he has worked as photojournalist for more than 10 years, before he starts working only as wedding photographer in the last 5 years.

Eva and Gogo have met when Gogo helped Eva to select some pictures for one photo contest. After Eva wins this contest and decides to share with Gogo the prize – a week-end for two in a mountain resort. From this moment they become partners not only in photography, but also in life. You may check their beginning here 🙂

Tell us about your style

We have created a specific style, oriented towards a more artististic reflection of the world around us. Also, we feel and we like to reflect the things in a way that they look more lighter, warmer and tender, rather than dark and with strong contrast. We love when everything comes out from the light. We like the natural looking visions and not the unnatural posing. We like to catch special moments, emotions and joy even in portrait photo sessions.  That’s how we feel that we have to reflect one so positive day as the wedding day. This style can be appreciated by some people, but other people may prefer a different approach. In Art there is no “right” and “wrong” answers. The most important thing is whether you feel you like one’s style or you feel you don’t like it. Therefore, please, take a look at our portfolio before you decide that we are your photographers (because the things you will receive will be in the same style) and contact us in case you like our style and only because someone has recommended us or you have heard that we are excellent photographers – this is very subjective, especially in art.

Are you providing videography services also?

We are devoted ourselves 100% to our love – the photography and we believe that in order to achieve the highest quality results we must be focused only in photography. Nevertheless we may recommend you some colleagues – videographers, which we admire as professionals and personally too.

Are you available for our date?

You can check our already booked dates here.

We saw that our date in your calendar is booked, but nevertheless we decided to ask you whether it is really reserved?

All date we mark in our calendar are booked for sure. However, we could recommend you some wonderful colleagues of ours. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for recommendations. It will be a pleasure for us.

Could you send us an offer?

Please, download our offer from here.

How can I book my date?

I would kindly ask you for some advance payment in order to reject all future requests regarding this date.

Do we have to provide a table and a menu for the photographers?

We carry a significant amount of heavy equipment and we need a table for us in order to have where to put our equipment. Having in mind that we are inseparately with you for 10 and more hours and during that time we are not able to provide any food for ourselves, we would be extremely grateful if you foresee some dinner for us.  Please, also take in consideration that we are both vegetarian.