Love stories

We believe, that in order to capture exactly your beautiful love story, it is worth to spare some special time for each detail. We do our best to provide you with memories, that are unique and of high value for you, transmitting sincere and authentic emotions.

This is why we choose carefully the place – on the high  mountain top where you met for the first time or on your favourite beach in Greece. We are able to choose the perfect time – the golden hour light close to the sunset or the sunrise. We can wait as much as it takes for the fluffy snow that is necessary for your winter fary tale photo-session. We are free to have fun outside the limitations of the wedding schedule, without thinking of the guests, we may trash the wedding dress we like.

The best way to realise these romantic and beautiful photo-sessions is in a day different than the wedding day. You can see some of our engagement and after the wedding photo-sessions here.

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