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We love Photography, traveling, the fine food and jazz, indie and French music

We believe strongly that the aesthetics and the style are of highest importance when documenting such a special day! We want to create a photography of high value with our aesthetics, that captures the true emotions during your special day. Therefore we have built up our own specific style. We like the slightly vintage look of our pictures. We aim to achieve light colour tones of our photography (it should look like bathing in light), the pictures should be in tender and pastel tones. We value the natural and casual vision. We don’t want to be interesting at any price, but valuable in a long run. We don’t appreciate the artificial posing (we are not going to ask you to hide behind trees). During the biggest part of the day we are not going to interfere and we ask the people to ignore us. However, during the photo-session we would ask for you cooperation and time. We want you to look as natural and beautiful as possible. We interfere only when it is necessary to adjust your pose (action), to improve the light conditions, to help you feel more comfortable with the posing during the photo-session. To us photography is not just a job. We love working together. We sincerely go through the happy moments and the excitements of the day together with our clients. Thank you for giving us this opportunity! This is us - a boutique studio of two lovers and wedding photographers - Gogo and Eva.

*We are members of the most prestigious international and national associations for quality wedding photography ISPWP, Fearless Photographers, NAPSFV. We are honoured to have international and national awards for best wedding photography from each one of them.

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