Wedding photography with drone

You have chosen a breathtaking location for your wedding day? The ceremony will take place on a beautiful place? You would like to diversify the photostory of your day with some “astonishing” shots from an unusual point of view? You would like to have a group photo taken from above? Then you may consider adding a drone to your wedding photography package. Using a drone on the wedding day provides additional, unusual points of view and also a “wow” effect to your photo-story. With the drone we can capture the beauty of the wedding location in an incomparable way, catch some uncommon points of view on the ceremony, when it’s outside, and add some “different” shots to the photo-session. If you choose “photography with a drone” you should expect not so much quantity, but rather “quality” add-on to the photo-story and a “wow-effect”. The preparation for taking off, taking the pictures and the packing of the drone take time, while our main goal still is to take the “classical” shots. Therefore you should expect approximately not more than 10 shots with a drone as addition to your photo-story.

Wedding photography with drone


* Depending on circumstances, that are not under our control, such as: too tight schedule of the wedding day, inconvenient weather conditions, possible technical issues (still many things could go wrong with the drone technologies), the photography with a drone could not be available as an option for some events.

** “Photography with drone” is available option only when some collection with 2 photographers is chosen.

***All shots done with DJI Mavic 2 Pro