A romantic surprise…actually two

This time I’ll be the hero in my own blog. This time I was on the other side of the camera, where I’m rather inexperienced and of course the emotions were very intense. I decided to organise an exhibition with the excellent shots of  Eva from Peru and Bolivia. I asked her close friend Tedy (Tedy thank you for your cooperation) to tell Eva that on the 17th of November there will be an interesting exhibition with photos from South America. Of course Eva invited me too right away. A small detail in this story is that Eva was not aware that she was inviting me to her own exhibition. I will not describe how difficult it is to organise such exhibition without the knowledge of the person with whom you are living. The last moment, that was going to give me a heart attack, was 30 minutes before the event – Eva, worried by my “inexplicable tension” the entire day, decided not to come to the exhibition…at the end – we managed with this situation and went to the event.

The exhibition was supposed to take place in Essence Centre, but when we tried to enter we found the door closed. At this point Eva sensed that something fishy is going on, but it was too late to go back – we entered the building and I can’t describe the emotions we were overwhelmed by – to see 100 friends applauding, yelling and to see our photos on the walls….(you can see the emotions caught by Volen Eftimov and  Niki Mitev, thank you friends, in the 2nd gallery).

However, this was only the first surprise! I forgot to tell you that the exhibition was divided in 2 lines – one of them was the colourful pictures of Eva from Peru and Bolivia and the other – black&white pictures of Eva herself (you can see these pictures in the 1st gallery). The reason for this was explained nowhere in the the beginning of the exhibition, but became clear at the last picture. This last black&white photo of the two of us was in a separate room right after the end of the exhibition. In this room we entered alone – only me and Eva, and there, in front of this picture, I asked the girl with whom I wanted to spend the rest of my life, to become my wife, to marry me… and I was utterly happy to hear her saying “YES!”!!

P.S. Some of the pictures are still available to be seen in Essence Centre, on 6-ti Septemvri Str. No. 37 in Sofia.

I would like to sincerely thank everybody who helped me with the organisation: Petya, Tedy, Plamen, Wangelis, Niki Mitev and Volen Eftimov – thank you friends!

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